Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning service sets us apart from the average carpet cleaner. Many companies will advertise that they clean rugs, only to treat them as if they were…well, carpet. We specialize in cleaning fine rugs from all over the world. These rugs are not made like carpet. Usually they are handwoven with wool or silk. Most of these rugs are woven very tightly, making them very dense. They can also be dyed with unstable colors. These differences make it necessary to have rugs cleaned by an expert.
There are several types of processes used for cleaning carpet. The primary process we use is hot water extraction, which is the method recommended by carpet mills. The carpet is pre-sprayed with a high quality carpet shampoo, followed by rinse/extracting the soil away. Extra attention is given to hard-to-clean spots. In order to extend the life of carpet, we recommend cleaning at least annually.

Carpet Cleaning

Tile & Grout

Soil buildup on tile and grout is gradual. Many things that stain carpet will also stain grout. We always prespray the tile and grout with a cleaning solution and then use a grout brush to loosen soil in the grout lines. The solution and soil are then rinsed and extracted. Grout sealer can be applied once the floor is dry.